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As a former road musician I know some of the best music is made in front of an audience. It can also be the most honest AND most effective advertising for your group. At Max Stout we understand and can relate. This is why we are offering remote recording for the working musician.

This is not "Bring in the remote trucks;” this is just real recording gear run by real professionals who know how to make a competitive recording at a price that will work for real world performers.

Living in a rural area allows us to provide great service in a price range that will fit most budgets. Whether in a club, auditorium, concert venue, or even a gymnasium, we will capture your performance and provide you with a recording you can use for promoting, selling to your fans (extra income from the gig!), or auditions for greater things. While there are more variables in live recording and always unexpected issues, there are also magic moments that only happen in front of a real audience. Once captured, we will clean and mix your songs, work with you on artwork, duplication, licensing , packaging - whatever you need to make your project a reality.

Location Recording


If you find this concept interesting, please contact me by email at or by phone (660) 928-3603.