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“As a former road musician I know some of the best music is made in front of an audience. It can also be the most honest AND most effective advertising for your group. At Max Stout we understand and can relate. This is why we are offering ‘Affordable Remote Recording for the Working Musician.’ This is not ‘Bring in the remote trucks;’ this is just real recording gear run by real professionals who know how to make a competitive quality recording at a price that will work for real world performers.“
We’re not Cheap - We’re Inexpensive

Mark Reinig

audio engineer, musician, owner

“It felt like we were in the middle of no where and we found Max Stout Studio… an Oasis!”                                              -Russ Phillip

Up to 20 tracks, One HD Camera...

What this $300 offer includes:

•1 or 2 sets (45-60 minutes per set) recorded on   location both audio and video

•Multitrack audio recording using up to 20 tracks

 [using a combination of your mics split and, where  applicable, mics brought in by us]

•Video recorded with 1 HD camera

•Up to 4 hours of mixdown to CD or files.

•Video (DVD or files) with sync’ed mixed audio

*Additional cameras are available for additional  charge

*Mileage is added @ $0.50 per mile from  Skidmore MO round trip

Why So Inexpensive?

Max Stout Studio has been the go-to company for remote recording in live concert band, choir and orchestra performances in the four state region for over 15 years and we now plan to take our years of experience in efficient remote recording to musicians working in small groups such as club bands, worship teams, jazz groups, wherever music is happening. What better way to introduce ourselves but with a SALE!

So what would it cost if it were
NOT on Sale?



1 Cam:     


Video Ed:   

DVD Auth:  


Recording Excerpts Contact Us For More  Information & Date Availability

$  50
$150 (2 hrs@$75)
$200 (2 hrs@100)
$240 (4 hrs@$60)
$150 (2 hrs@$75)
$  25
$815 >Still a great Price!