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First-hand Experience

Take a Look Inside Max Stout Studio

Max Stout Studio consists of a main room (34' x 19'), an overdub isolation room (8' x 14'), and a 2100 cubic foot control room. Max Stout has recorded in its facilities 20 piece big bands, rock, country, praise teams, as well as string,  brass, and other small ensembles.

Along with various guitar amps, we have a beautiful vintage Hammond C3 with added percussion and a model 251 Leslie cabinet.

“One of my dreams has been to record with my dear friend Russ Phillips for some years now. Several months ago that dream came true,with Paul Smith on piano,and Bob Bowman on bass. These guys are the best,and I wanted to use a studio that could come up to the level of these musicians.

I researched many venues for several months,and after visiting Mark at Max Stout studios knew that was the one. I have recorded in a number of other studios over the years,but when I walked into this one,it had a wonderful feeling of peace,and a sense of history that only one with many musical experiences can produce. Mark is a talented musician in his own right,and knows what musicians of any gender want with their recordings.  We were greeted with sincere warmness,and professionalism.  We recorded an entire cd in one setting,and only repeated one tune on the entire project.

I am impressed with Mark`s ability to work the correct frequencies for the various instruments,and come up with a wonderful finished product. I sincerely hope to record there again in the near future. His prices are very reasonable I might add. The best of any of the other studios I researched.

The building in Skidmore, MO is very plain looking,and you wonder what you have gotten yourself into until you walk inside and find a wonderful old studio that has been soaked in love and years of music making and recording. Thanks Mark for a great experience and doing the work you do. I`m looking forward to the next time.”

-Charlie Shanks

Russ Phillips

Paul Smith

Bob Bowman

Charlie Shanks