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Since 1996, Max Stout has recorded schools, universities, district concerts and contests throughout the four state region. Max Stout is the principle recording company for Northwest Missouri State University’s Department of Music.

Choirs, show choirs, concert bands, orchestras, jazz groups, marching bands, and small groups are all part of Max Stout’s list of recorded musical groups. We have recorded in concert halls, theaters, gymnasiums, football fields, lunch rooms, classrooms, all with success. Obviously, a better room is preferred, but with judicious placement of mics most rooms can be turned into a “studio.”

Wether a simple audio audition recording or a 2 camera multi track show choir concert, Max Stout will professionally capture your group and render it to Cd, DVD, Blu-Ray, or file for download.

For fundraising, Max Stout will work with you to make a product that can be a centerpiece for fundraising activities. We will help with production and licensing as well as brainstorm ideas with you on marketing and fundraising for your music boosters.


For information on Custom Arranging and Commissioned Works for Band, Orchestra and Choir,

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